Mac McClary

Sam Hayes

Who we are.

Mac McClary is an Audio Engineer, Lighting Designer, and Music Producer. With a wide variety of experience in a multitude of production environments over the last 7 years, Mac has developed a true passion for live events. Starting from a young age he showed an interest in audio and lighting technology, and aspired to learn and grow for years after. Located in Winston Salem, but originally from Kitty Hawk North Carolina, he specializes in supporting artists to create engaging performances and experiences, bridging the gap between art and technology. From concerts to theater to any type of event, Mac brings to the table knowledge of cutting edge technology and a hunger for problem solving.

Sam Hayes is a Sound Designer, Audio Engineer, Film Set Mixer and Post-Production mixer with more than 7 years of experience in the fields of Sound Design and Technology. Located in Winston Salem, but originally from Boston, Massachusetts, he has always been in the live event scene. He is a specialist in anything you need audio, and a creative problem solver under stress, in any situation. With production experience ranging from small-scale concerts to massive musicals and touring-house productions, he has done it all. Sound is something that he loves, and making a career out of it has made that passion even stronger.

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